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« I do life coaching ! »
Every time I tell to someone what is my job, I usually receive a lot of questions. What is life coaching? What are the daily tasks of a life coach? What a life coach can concretely do for me?

I want to answer to all the main questions that you can ask yourself about life coaching.

To exist, is to dare
diving into the world.

What is life coaching ?

Coach de développement personnel à votre service

Life coaching is principally providing a unique and tailor-made support for each people.

The coach purpose is to solve someone life problem within a limited number of sessions.

The coach approach with the coachee is quite particular and unusual. Indeed the coach is not here to give any already made solutions or to apply a predefined process.

The personal development coach consider himself as equal of his coachee. They are both together seeking solutions, answers and ressources that only the coachee can provide.

It’s about to help you to consider the present time with enough necessary detachment to help you understand that you have some assets to manage the situation.

The coach work is basically made of kindness, listening and questioning.

Who can receive a life caoching?

The answer is obvious: everyone !

Anyone can receive a coaching.
No matter what are the situations you wish to improveEven though you don’t have any particular issue, you can just looking for a better fulfillment with a good coaching.

At last a life coaching can simply help you to find your place and fulfillment in this world.

Life coaching is also relevant for the business.

A CEO is generally torn between objectives, time and people management. This brings a lot of stress to him that coaching can help to decrease by taking a step back or adapt time organisation with his own personality. 

Also a whole staff can receive a coaching to improve team spirit and to reveal the team full potential through each employee’s fulfillment.

Who can be a life coach ?

Coaching individuel par un Coach de développement personnel

There is no need to follow a special training in order to become a life coach.

However it was essential to me to be a certified life coach. This certification must be validated every three years. For you this is a warranty that I keep a constant level of training and practice to be sure that I am still able to coach you.

I am submitted to professional secrecy during all your coaching. This is obvious for me as I consider kindness as one of my top value, and as mutual trust is the key of a successful coaching.

At last, I know this is not mandatory in order to be a life coach, but I consider as essential to show empathy, kindness and listening skills other to be an efficient coach.

What do I have to do
to be a good coachee ?

Once again coaching is absolutely suitable for everyone. Coaching will help you to find answers and resources lying in you whatever your issues are.
However I think that full coachee’s involvement is required for a succesful coaching.

First of all the willing of a change must be clearly present. If the will of moving to a better life is not deeply wished then it’s going to be tough to obtain any change.

Secondly on an emotional level, mutual trust must be established as soon as possible. The coach and the coachee must consider themselves as equal. If the coachee is afraid to speak or is not revealing himself enough then the coaching takes a risk to be useless.

As coachee you are possessing all answers and resources you are looking for. But if you retain some informations then it will not be possible for us to find them.

More questions ?

A personal development coach and a life coaching may help you in many several parts of your life.

You need more informations or you have other questions about your personal life expectations and your professional life improvement?
Please feel free to contact me and together we will build up the best coaching for your own fulfillment.

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