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Please don’t hesitate to take an appointment with me using the form hereunder where you can have a full view of my schedule.

Together we will help you to reach your objectives and fulfill yourself.

   Madness is to act the same way and hoping for a different result.   

Life coach in Paris : HumaNature Success
How to book ?

There are two ways how the session can be followed. The first one is face to face in a place rented for this purpose, like coworking office.

The other option, if you are in lack of free time, is using applications like Skype or Zoom for a visioconference session.

I will do my best to match with your schedule from monday 9:30 am to Friday 9:00 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am to 12am. I hope this will help you to find the perfect time for your coaching.           

I am subject to professional secret during you sessions and I will provide you an involved and kindness ear.

At last I am trilingual and I can help you in your personal development in french, english or italian.

Individual Coaching :

Free catch up of 15 min by phone

The first preliminary session of 1h/1,5h is priced 80 euros

Regular coaching sessions of 1h are priced 120 euros.

During this first session we will build your own program, numbers of sessions, timing, according to your needs and your goal

All online sessions must be paid before the appointment

Company Coaching : Contact me directly

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First session
Regular session

The first coaching session is a particular one during around one hour and half.

This is a time for both of us to discover each other. Each one introducing itself and then I will ask you some questions in order to better understand what are the objectives you are looking for.

The life coach must understand what he can do for the coachee and what is intended of the coaching.  What are the coachee objectives ? Why these ones ? And how reach them ?

Then the life coach has to rephrase and to listen with accuracy in order to understand if there is an unconscious request behind the first one. He must define the stakes and the feasibility of the objectives.

At the end we are establishing together a contract mentioning : number of sessions, frequency, place and undertakings of each of us to lead to success.

Following sessions are during around one hour and will occur periodically.

First the coachee will give a feedback on what he has changed and accomplished since the last session. Or the difficulties he had facing off and how he managed them.

Then together, life coach and coachee, will define a focus point for this session. The coach will questioning the coachee very precisely and appropriately on this point, inviting the coachee to questioning himself and change his state of mind.

Finally they are both planning some new actions to initiate. They are chosen considering this session and what has been told. They will help to reach objectives and changing coachee approach of an issue.

After a quick resume of the whole session and the objectives, the coachee leaves the session with some actions to do and objectives to accomplish.

He must be aware of how he managed them or of the difficulties he faced off. This will help him on the next regular session.

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