HumaNature Success, coach en developpement personnel

My name is Sonia IANNARELLI.
I am a certified professional life coach.
My goal is to be at your side during your coaching. I will help you by affording my professional experience and my knowledge of some training methods acquired during my former travels.
Discover the one and only life coach that I am!

My first life
before becoming a certified professional life coach

After my scholarship and my first job experiences, I quickly feel the need to focus my career on human-being.
So I begin to follow a specialization in human resources professions. Then I’ve been very lucky to work over than 10 years as human resources director with various companies.
As well for small ones than for major international groups.

  • I am helping people to deal with small structures or large international companies issues.
  • I am guiding employees and managers to settle in various corporate cultures, especially french, US or asian ones.
  • I provide easily advices on different management and work methods that we can encounter.

At last I mainly keep of this years the memory of people I’ve met and whose I saw evolving and being accomplished.

Certified professional life coach with HumaNature Success
Certified professional life coach in Paris
Certified professional life coach : travel addict
Certified professional life coach : human addict

and human addict

As a lot of people my first trip outside my country was during my scholarship.
Right away I become addicted to this amazing opportunity to discover new countries and cultures.

As I have worked for international companies as human resources director I was able to keep traveling and meet some new people from different backgrounds than mine.

At last I use my holidays and free time planning longer travels and so having more time for more qualified encounters.
Doing this I also learn more and more about myself by discovering in India yoga, meditation and dance.

At this time I found keys of well-being and fulfillment.

HumaNature Success Coach de vie certifié, Angkor
HumaNature Success Coach de vie certifié, méditation
HumaNature Success, ma passion du voyage
HumaNature Success Coach de vie certifié, Thailande

Values for me
and HumaNature Success

My professional life and my travels helped me to define and confirmed my values as deep beliefs.

It feels obvious and important for me to share them with you :

  • Freedom to act with consciousness and serenity
  • Optimism of believing in life
  • Authenticity of being yourself
  • Courage to decide and dare to change
  • Respect for being able to love others and yourself
  • Inner force  to accomplish great things
  • Intuition and trust yourself

These are values that I want to transmit through HumaNature Success: the success of human nature.

I consider, as human being, that we can only be victorious of our lives.

HumaNature Success, une évidence
Coach de vie certifié pour votre épanouissement
HumaNature Success Coach de vie certifié, jungle
HumaNature Success Coach de vie certifié, tuk tuk

Certified professional life coach :
a one life accomplishment

By taking a step back on my life, I can observe that my professional experiences, my passion for travels and my values have leading me to be life coach.
So in June 2020 I have passed a certification for being a certified professional life coach.

I have started coachings and I have helped my first coachees in their path to accomplish their life goals.

Today I can accompany people more considering their personality and their whole life as I was able to do it when I worked as human resources director.
I can discover people with their diversities and complexities as I have learned to do it during my travels.
And finally I can share my values in order to help people to find fulfillment they wish in their professional and personal life.

My next step ? Helping you on the way to your success !

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